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What is Hydrographics ?

Hydrographics has several generic names. Some of the names include Water Transfer Printing, Immersion Printing,  camo gun dipping, hydro dipping, camo dipping, and many more. You might ask what can hydrographics be applied too? The answer is nearly any 3D object that is made from plastic, wood, glass, and metal. A general rule of thumb is if it can be painted it can be dipped. Some of the most popular items to dip are guns, bows, Skulls, automotive trim & bezels, wheels, computer cases, ATV's, golf carts, and many more!

Central KY Hydrographics

(502) 353-0130

(502) 353-0130

Hydro Dipping

Welcome to Central KY Hydrographics! Centrally located in Lawrenceburg, KY. Our goal is to make each idea that you have a reality. We are family owned and operated  specialty coating company and have many options to choose from including hydrographics and cerakote. If we don't carry it in stock, we are happy to help you find it and order it for you if possible. Please use the contact button at the bottom of this page and lets get started  with your hydro dipping project.